Aftercare / Summer ELOP Program

Our Aftercare program follows all Sebastopol Charter School COVID-19 health and safety protocols, just as during the school day.



Expanded Learning Aftercare will be offered to all students currently enrolled at Sebastopol Independent Charter School and will commence after each regular school day. Tuition is $9 per hour up until 5:30 p.m. and then billed at $1 per minute after that. We offer a $2.00 per hour sibling discount.

To those families that qualify for free or reduced price meals, per the School Nutrition Programs Eligibility Guidelines, foster youth or homeless youth will be offered Aftercare at no charge. National School Lunch Program Applications must be completed and approved by the school before Aftercare tuition will be waived.



To enroll your student(s) for Aftercare, please use this link  

Once you have enrolled you will be able to access your Smartcare account via the web at and via the “Smartcare for Parents” app which is available for download in the Apple and Google Play stores.



Kim Hoch, Aftercare Coordinator
For questions pertaining to attendance, pick up, scheduling, daily activities, please send an email to [email protected]
Call / Leave Message: 824-9700 ext 330

Jennifer Neylon, Operations Manager
For questions pertaining to program oversight, billing and the Smartcare system, please send an email to [email protected] 

Please note that our Aftercare program is only available to families that are currently enrolled at Sebastopol Charter School.

Ceres Garden Culinary Class

Summer Expanded Learning Opportunity Program (ELOP)

Our summer expanded learning program is designed to foster academic, social, emotional, and individual growth in all of our students. Students will have time for hand-on, engaging learning experiences; a place to play that promotes connections with others in a positive way, and stimulates creative thinking and exploration. It is the goal of our program to provide a familiar place where students feel safe, empowered, and eager to learn.

Our expanded learning program is pupil-centered and complements, but does not replicate learning activities in the regular school day. Our program creates an environment that promotes diversity and cultural humility, empowers students to strengthen their leadership skills, promotes health habits, and nurtures the development of the whole child. We offer a unique environment where students of all ages can interact, learn and play together.

For more information please contact Jennifer Neylon, Operations Manager [email protected]

Please note that our Summer Expanded Learning Opportunity Program is only available to families that are currently enrolled at Sebastopol Charter School and are on the free aftercare tuition program.