Lottery Results and Waitlists

Lottery Results, Important Info and What does it mean to be on a Waitlist?

Thank you so much for your interest in our school. As requests for students to enroll in our school exceed the number of available seats, our kindergartens and grades are filled through a Lottery Application.

We held our Main Lottery on Wed., March 8, 2023 for 2023-2024 and will hold our Main Lottery for 2024-2025 on Wed., March 6, 2024. The Lottery randomly offers admittance to students who have applied during the Open Pre-Lottery and are based on certain preferences as listed on our website. We can only offer a spot in those grades that have openings for next year. All other students will be ordered on a waitlist. As more openings become available, we open spots in those grades.

If you register after our Main Lottery deadline you will join our Late Lottery for that grade. When we go through our main lottery waitlist for a grade, we then run a Late Lottery for that grade. You would be notified by email and text after a Late Lottery takes place for the grade in which you applied.

(More on this later)


The lottery results can be viewed through a link on our Application & Lottery website or through your Lotterease account. The parent/guardian of each student who completed the online application will receive a lottery number notice via email within 72 hours of the lottery completion. They will also get a text letting them know there is an important email sent to them.

Note: You can access your child’s waitlist position by logging into your account or at this link. (Choose the Lottery name from the green drop down menu)

Those offered a seat will be given the opportunity to accept or decline within a stated DEADLINE on the email notification . If we do not hear back from you by this deadline than your child will be removed from the enrollment list. Please make sure there is a current email and cell phone number on your account.


Once all seats are filled, all other eligible applicants are assigned a waitlist number based on the order drawn in the lottery. Parents/guardians can access their child’s waitlist position at any time. As openings become available at the applicable grade level, students will receive an “offer” based on their Waitlist order. Parents will be notified by email of the available seat and by text letting them know they have received an important email. Parents/guardians are given a DEADLINE to either accept or decline the offer. These deadlines for our waitlist applicants can be very short so please be sure to read and respond to these emails quickly.

Important Note : Since most of our current Grades are full, we may not know in March if we will have any open places in Grades 1-8 until our current Parents confirm whether they will be returning. This usually happens in May or June. However, we sometimes are not told that a family has changed their plans or are moving until the first day of the new school year (in August). An opening can happen at any time even after school starts, so do not give up hope!

As soon as there is an opening, the next person on the waitlist is notified and we will continue to go down the waitlist until that slot is filled. Please note that we prioritize siblings so they can be together in our school. In our Main Lottery, if one child is accepted into a grade and if they have a sibling in a different grade, the sibling moves up. This can result in your child moving down in the waitlist for that grade


After you confirm acceptance, you will be sent an online new student enrollment packet via email. If you do not complete all the required registration documentation by the DEADLINE stated in the email, your child will be removed from the waitlist and the seat offered will be withdrawn and offered to the next person on the Waitlist.

Registration documentation will include Vaccination records, Student and Family Information Forms, Birth Certificate, Health Exam, In-District residency proof in Sebastopol Union School District – for applicants who claimed residency in Sebastopol Union School District or other required documentation to support a preference group you chose to select for your child in the Lottery application.
Vaccination requirements 
Conditional Vaccination Admission

Be sure to enter [email protected] to your Contacts to ensure that e-mails from Lotterease are not marked as spam. This is essential if you have Gmail.

If you have any problems filling out the Online Enrollment Registration Forms please contact Lori Grey, Enrollment Director [email protected]

When offered a spot please confirm or decline as soon as possible. If at any time you decide NOT to continue enrollment, please notify us immediately so we can make an offer to the next family on the waitlist.