Admission and Enrollment Policy

Board Policy for Admission and Enrollment California Education Code Section 47605(b)(5)(H)& 47605(d)(2)(B)

Students shall be admitted to the Sebastopol Charter School in accordance with the provisions of law as prescribed in A.B. 544, or, as said laws may in the future be ammended. It is a desire of the Board of Directors that students and their parents complete an agreement which stipulates the commitment to abide by all school rules, procedures, codes of behavior and dress, attendance and timeliness, participation in school activities, academic progress, and other matters deemed by the school to be essential for a successful learning environment. However, no student shall be excluded nor discouraged from attending.

Enrollment preferences as described in Education Code Section 47605(d)(2)(B) shall be given to the following students: Students who are presently enrolled in Sebastopol Charter will be automatically given a space for the following year(s). 

  1. Students who are the children of staff members of this school;
  2. Students who have siblings enrolled in this school;
  3. Students who live in Sebastopol Union School District (you can search your address to find your home district at the Registrar of Voter’s site);
  4. All other California students. 

It is recommended, given the school’s curriculum, that students’ parents attend an Enrollment Tour to understand more about the Core Principles of Waldorf Education that guides and informs our curriculum. It is desirable that parents support the curriculum in the home (specifically including the willingness of the parent to restrict the child’s exposure to the electronic media such as television, movies, videos, computer games, etc.) and to volunteer in the school. However, no student shall be excluded nor discouraged from attending if such qualities are not expressed nor demonstrated. 

In the event that the numbers of applications as described in categories 1, 2, 3, and 4 above, exceed the school’s grade level capacity, then a public random drawing will be held to determine attendance. In the public random drawing, students in category 1 and at the same grade level will be considered in the first drawing, those in category 2 in the second drawing, and so forth. No student will be excluded because of racial or ethnic background, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability. The Sebastopol Union School District will not assign students to Sebastopol Charter.

Should there be a waiting list for enrollment, those students on that list will be offered enrollment when space is available and according to their position determined by the random drawing. Note : For the Main Lottery: after this lottery is run, if a Student on the waitlist is offered and their Parent confirms attendance in a grade, and if they have a sibling also on the main lottery waitlist, that ‘Applicant sibling’ automatically moves up on the Waitlist into the preference group of “Enrolled Sibling”. This will result in those on the waitlist for that grade, who do not have the Preference Group of ‘Enrolled Sibling’ being moved down a spot.

Sebastopol Charter shall be nonsectarian in its programs, admission policies, employment practices, and all other operations, shall not charge tuition, and shall not discriminate against any person on the basis of ethnicity, national origin, race, gender, disability, or any other characteristic designated in SB777 and as set forth in Section 47605(d) of the Education Code.