In Waldorf schools, Woodworking class is a part of the “Outer path” of education, which relates to sense observation and movement, and includes Drawing, Painting, Handwork, Woodwork, Modeling (clay, wax), Music, Eurythmy, Gymnastics.

Woodwork requires a dedication to observing the results of your efforts. Using this basic principle, woodwork class builds physical and mental strength through overcoming challenges with design, effort, and persistence.

Our Woodworking curriculum begins in 6th grade with whittling using a simple knife, so that safety and tool care are the first lessons.

Continuing through 8th grade, students learn to safely and confidently use most hand tools including knives, saws, gouges and chisels, planes, table and hand vices, and hand drills. Confidence in these tools gives each student a foundation for all future work with their hands.

Projects the students complete include kitchen utensils, a hat rack, carvings, and a stool.

Through these classes, we teach students pleasure in bodily labour, and respect for it, habits of independence, order, accuracy, attention and industry, increase of physical strength, development of the power of observation in the eye, execution in the hand, and an appreciation for beauty.