Grade 2

Second graders have adapted to the new life of the class. They start to experience the positive and negative aspects of personality, both their own and others. Traditional fables show these positive and negative human traits – honesty and deceit, trust and betrayal, kindness and cruelty – sharply contrasted in the guise of animal characters. The fables give the teacher ample material to address the antics which present themselves in the class. Likewise, legends of good and honorable human beings offer the children pictures of highly developed human behavior.

The class teacher now works to deepen the foundations which have been laid down in first grade: language arts and the ongoing work on writing and reading; arithmetic through the solid acquisition of addition, subtraction and multiplication tables, stories that continue to reveal the world of nature, and provide the basis for the later studies of both science and geography.

  • Legends, Fables, and Nature Stories
  • Writing and Reading
  • Form Drawing
  • Arithmetic/Times Tables
  • Number Patterns
  • Speech and Drama
  • Knitting
  • Games/PE
  • Singing
  • Recorder Playing