Policies and Regulations

Sebastopol Independent Charter School

Policies, Administrative Regulations, and Resolutions

Policy Number Type Category (in bold) / TitleDate Adopted Notes 
 0000 Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans  
 000.1ResClimate Change Resolution2018.04.09 
BPCharter Renewal 2014.12.04 
BPComprehensive Safety Plan2019.04.01 
 0460  BP/AR Local Control Accountability Plan 2018.06.22 
1000 Community Relations  
1240.1BPConfidentiality Policy and Agreement for School Volunteers2016.07.01 
1240.2BPVolunteer Policy and Procedures2016.04.18 
1250BPClassroom Visitation and Observation of Instructional Program2015.05.11 
1312.1BPGeneral Complaint PolicyRevised 2018.09.10 
1312.3BPUniform Complaint Policy Revised 2016.12.05 
2000 Administration  
2000BPHuman Resources Board Oversight Policy2014.10.06 
2121BPExecutive Director Contract2018.06.18 
2140BPExecutive Director Review Policy2015.07.15 
3000 Business and Non-instructional Operations  
3000ResEducation Protection Account2013.11.20 
3100BPBudget and Fund Balance Management 2015.03.09 
3260BPPupil Fees Policy2013.06.20 
3314.2BPRevolving Cash Fund  
4000 Personnel  
4000AREmployee Handbook2015.06.24 
4000.2AROperations Director2013 
4112.5BPCriminal Justice InformationNot stated 
4119.11BPEmployee Sexual Harassment Policy2018.04.09 
4130AREmployee Loan Policy2007 
4154BPMedical Benefits Policy1996.05.22 
4219.3BPHarassment Complaint FormNot stated 
4317BPRetirement Plan Policy2009 
4317.1BPCalSTRS Program Resolution2013.12.10Revised: 2014.01.13
4317.3BPSection 403(b) RetirementNot stated 
5000 Students  
5111BPApplication, Enrollment and Wait List2015.10.05 Revised 2023.11.07
5111.1BPIn-District Residence Policy2015.10.05 
5113BPAttendance Policy 2022.12.07 
5113.3ARAttendance and Tardy Contract2022 
5141.31BPImmunization PolicyRevised
5144.1BPSuspension and Expulsion2010.01.10 Revised 2019.09.12
5144.2BPInvoluntary Removal Policy2020.12.07
5145.3BPTitle IX Harassment, Intimidation,Discrim. and Bullying Policy2019.11.04 
6000 Instruction  
6141.2BPProtected Prayer2012.10.12 
6158BPIndependent Study Policy2015.01.12 
6159BPLocal Plan for Special Education2000.04.03Revised 2011.07.01
6164BPServices for Students with Disabilities, Section 504, and Individualized (IEP) Policy2017.10.01 
6164ARSection 504 Education Administration Policy2017.10.01 
6159.1ARProcedural Safeguards and Complaints for Special Education2017.10.01 
6174BPEnglish Learner Policy2017.10.01 
7000 Facilities  
7160BPSchool Safety Policy2011.11.14 
9000 Board Bylaws  
9220BPBoard Member Selection Protocol2012.06.17 
9224BPOath of Office for Board Members2009.09.15 
9323BPBoard Code of Conduct2014.12.08 
9270BPConflict of Interest2013.05.13  

• Type: BP = Board Policy; AR=Administrative Regulation; Res=Resolution
• Policies and Administrative Regulations marked with a * have been assigned a number that is different than the Gamut system numbering by California School Board Association (CSBA), because CSBA doesn’t have policies specific to only charter school.
• Policy numbers not marked with a * are often closely aligned policies by CSBA.