Grade Assignment

The curriculum followed at Sebastopol Charter is based on a developmental model that is directly linked to the age of the student. Below is our grade assignment by student age (birth date) policy.

Students will be enrolled or considered for the lottery in each class according to the following. Transitional Kindergarten (TK), applies only for those children turning 5 years of age between June 2 and December 2. All kindergarten classrooms are mixed age and include Transitional Kindergarten students. 

TK/ Kindergarten  2 year      5 between June 2 - Dec 2
Kindergarten         1 year      5 by June 1

1st grade          6 by June 1

2nd grade         7 by June 1

3rd grade          8 by June 1

4th grade          9 by June 1

5th grade         10 by June 1

6th grade         11 by June 1

7th grade         12 by June 1

8th grade         13 by June 1