Enrollment Events

Enrollment Events

Please check back next fall for the new Schedule.

All events are held at our new campus, 1111 Gravenstein Highway North, Sebastopol, CA, and are for parents only.

We encourage all interested parents to become knowledgeable about our approach to education and understanding the Waldorf model. 

Our Annual Kindergarten Event -  Saturday, Feb. 1 
for Prospective Parents (Adults only

Orientation & Open House : Starts at 9:00  Ends at 11:30

If you are interested in our Kindergarten for your child, don't miss this special morning. 

Please Sign Up for Annual Kindergarten Event here (click)


Enrollment Tours (Parents only

November 8, December 4, January 8, February 5

Sign UP for a Tour here!  (click)

We begin all our tours promptly at 8:45 am in our Assembly Hallend around 10am. If you Sign Up you will receive a reminder the week of the Tour along with a few specifics. 

The tours begin with a talk about what is unique about our Curriculum & School by our Principal, Mr. Topham. We then will visit 4 of our Grades and 1 Kindergarten class.

Since the demand for admission exceeds the number of available seats, our kindergarten and grades are filled through a Lottery application process. To learn more about this please read about it at Enrollment Start Here

For additional information you can speak to our enrollment coordinator, Rachael Flug, at 707-824-9700 ext 301, or email her at enrollment@sebastopolcharter.org.