After School Care

 Aftercare Has Been Suspended for the

 2020-21 School Year 


Contacts for Aftercare :

Essie Bishop, After Care BILLING
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Sebastopol Charter School Aftercare is Stepping into its Second Year!

Our program is designed to not only foster academic growth, but also social, emotional, and individual growth in all of our students. The time spent in after-care is not an extension of the school day, it is instead a time for students to recharge and learn in a relaxed and nurturing environment. Students will have access to academic assistance from qualified staff, as well as time for self-directed play to promote connections with others in a positive way, and stimulate creative thinking and exploration. It is the goal of our program to provide a familiar place where students feel safe, empowered, and eager to learn.

Aftercare provides a time in which students are able to relax and unwind. Aftercare is set up to be a unique environment where students of all ages can interact and play together. In aftercare we spend time outdoors playing group sports, reading and drawing in the sunshine, and running around our spacious school yard. Inside, the cozy corner provides a space where students can settle down and read a book, play a board game, or just unwind from the day. The craft cabinet is full of supplies that are great for creative minds to make exciting things. We also provide time for students to catch up on homework, practice instruments, or ask for help with any other school work.

Sebastopol Charter School offers two separate aftercare programs:
Kindergarten Aftercare begins at 12:30 and runs until 3:00 Monday-Friday.
Grades Aftercare (1-8) runs from 3-5 pm on long days, and 12:45-5:00 on short days.

While we encourage kindergarteners to be picked up at 3:00, they may attend Grades Aftercare from 3-5 pm if necessary.

Further information and pricing for the after-care program is sent out prior to the start of the school year. Additional paper copies of this form are also available in the school office.