Sebastopol Independent Charter School is a K-8 charter school with experienced, Waldorf-trained teachers and a commitment to offering a Waldorf curriculum with integrity. Our parent body is incredibly committed to Waldorf education and works hard to support the faculty and school. Sebastopol Charter was the first charter school to provide Waldorf education in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1995. We have a 20-acre campus, including a sports field and track, which we look forward to develop further.

Our school has about 300 students with most of the classes having 32 students. We are located in the small city of Sebastopol, in beautiful Sonoma County, 25 minutes from the spectacular Northern California coast and an hour from San Francisco and Berkeley.  The ocean breezes tend to keep the summers cool, and the winters mild.  Numerous K-8 plus two Waldorf high schools, private and public, populate the area, making Sonoma County a “Waldorf Mecca.”  You won’t find a better spot to raise a family, connect with colleagues, fulfill your professional development goals, and hone your craft. Every year, families move from out of state to attend our school. Perhaps it is the right place for you too.


School Secretary

Sebastopol Charter is looking for a School Secretary for our front office. This position is site based, even during this time. This is not a position for people wanting to work from home. Our office is currently open to the public 9am to 1pm, but the work hours are 7:45am to 4pm, Monday – Friday. Our office staff, who work collaboratively, look forward to working with our new office team member (while wearing masks).

The School Secretary is not a receptionist, although answering the phone and welcoming people entering the office is part of the job. There are many duties beyond providing a warm, welcoming presence, so please read the job description carefully.

The School Secretary works 221 days per year. (Full-time is 230 days). This position is 96% of full-time. There are 177 school days, so the school secretary works during some of our breaks, such as in June and August for the various tasks involved in wrapping up a school year and getting ready for a new school year.

The salary is $35,000 per year. Benefits: Full dental insurance, $825/mo towards one of the school’s health insurance plans for employee and/or dependents, and possible 403(a) retirement contribution.

Sebastopol Charter School
School Secretary Job Description

Hours: 8 hours daily during school days and variable hours when school is not in session.
7:45am to 4pm during school days.

Days worked: 221 days (177 school days and additional 44 full days scheduled with office manager and/or executive director)

Benefits: Vacation, health, and sick benefits: Medical, dental, vision, retirement

Reports to: Office Manager

Accountable to: Executive Director

General Job Description:

The Office Receptionist reports to the Office Manager performing various duties related to the running of the school office. The Office Receptionist is responsible for working directly in an administrative support role and provides support to the School's administrative team as needed. This position also provides front counter/reception support including, but not limited to answering phones, taking messages, directing calls, coordinating general school office operations, and greeting and attending to school visitors, school staff, and student requests. The composition, writing, and editing of many documents and school publications is an important aspect of this position, as is completing and submitting required reporting for the state and maintaining school and student records.

Required Qualifications for Position:

● Requires strong service-related people skills and problem solving skills as this position is
generally the first contact and has significant responsibility in representing the school.
● Requires excellent verbal and written communication skills due to interaction with the
general public, school personnel, state agencies, and other agencies on a regular basis.
● Requires strong, positive interpersonal relationship skills between students, staff,
parents, and community members.
● Requires strong organizational skills to balance demands of a multi-tasking position.
● Requires strong technology skills in the areas of office software, electronic
communication, database systems, word processing, spreadsheets, and office
equipment operation; i.e., phones, fax, and copier.
● Requires extraordinary attention to detail and follow through to meet deadlines and
● Requires significant confidentiality responsibilities due to parent, student, and staff
● The Office Receptionist should be able to balance many tasks, and be able to maintain a
vision of the total operation while not losing sight of the details.
● Computer skills should include typing and word processing skills, as well as experience
with current office applications such as Google Drive, Microsoft Word and Excel
programs. Experience with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator would be helpful,
but not necessary.
● Knowledge of Waldorf Schools and the Waldorf curriculum is very helpful.
● Necessary experience consists of any combination of training and education that allows
the Office Receptionist to competently fulfill the specified duties.
● Be able to lift 20 pounds from knee to chest height

Specific Responsibilities:


● Greeting, attending to students, parents, public, staff and visitors
● Calling parents of ill, injured and disciplined students
● Answer phones and send out school communications
● Receive packages, log checks/cash and mail
● Administer first aid to students
● Maintain copies of school forms
● Handle “emergency” student situations (i.e. clean up vomit, plumbing issues, initial
investigations, etc)
● Maintain key checkout for parents, staff, vendors and substitutes


● Charter Notes (Weekly, Monthly)
● Website posting including maintenance
● Event flyer creation, ads
● Manage school Facebook page


● Maintain Schoolwise database
● Maintain MailChimp
● Manage Input Change Forms
● Maintain Jive Phone system


● Collect and process attendance data in coordination with Office Manager
● Collect and process Independent Study in coordination with Office Manager
● Maintain school calendars, including Google, website and room calendars
● Coordinate CAASPP (State testing), Physical Fitness Test, Civil Rights Data Collection,
SARC or any other necessary data functions.
● Coordinate Annual School Photos
● Oversee tidiness of office, kitchen
● Coordinate Help Desk on Team Drive
● Coordinate field trips, including maintenance of field trip resources for teachers
● Coordinate paperwork/database for parent volunteers
● Oversee lost and found
● Coordinate instrument agreement forms/database
● Maintain substitute list and find substitutes for teachers when necessary
● Hospitality of faculty events (staff development, faculty parties, etc.) in coordination with
Office Manager
● Help coordinate Middle school dances with class teachers/parents
● Oversee Costume Room (or find a coordinator)
● Oversee copy and mail machines


● Assists Executive Director and Office Manager as directed
● Create annual school directory, staff directory
● Clerical work (filing, word processing, record keeping), including mailing/filing from
Operations Department

Meal Periods:

Non-exempt (hourly and admin) employees are authorized and permitted to take a ten (10) minute paid rest break for every four hours worked (or major portion thereof). This means that employees are entitled to one paid rest break for shifts of 3.5 to 6 hours, two paid rest breaks for shifts of more than six hours up to 10 hours, three rest breaks for shifts of more than 10 hours up to 14 hours, and so on. To the extent possible, your supervisor will try to schedule your rest breaks in the middle of each four hour work period.

Employees are also entitled to a thirty (30) minute unpaid meal period for each work shift of five hours or more. The first meal period must be taken within the first five hours of work. If an employee works a shift of 10 or more hours, the employee is entitled to a second thirty (30) minute unpaid meal period. Employees are permitted to leave School property during unpaid meal periods.

Although the School has policies in place to ensure that rest and meal periods are provided as required by law, each employee is ultimately responsible to ensure that his/her rest and meal periods are actually taken. An employee’s failure to take rest and meal periods in accordance with this policy may be grounds for disciplinary action.
School supervisors and managers may not, under any circumstances, discourage employees from taking rest or meal periods. If any employee becomes aware that a supervisor or manager has violated this policy by discouraging an employee from taking his/her rest or meal period, the employee is expected to report the incident to the Operations Coordinator for appropriate action.

Time Records:

Non-exempt employees are responsible for keeping accurate time records and ensuring that hours worked are within the limits established by the employment agreement. Hours worked in addition to the employment agreement should be submitted on a school time card for compensation or substituted for in-lieu time off.

To apply, please email Rachael Flug, Office Manager, at rflug@sebastopolcharter.org with a cover letter, resume and three references (names and phone numbers of people we can call as your reference).