Grade 7

Seventh graders are increasingly experiencing themselves as individuals with tastes and impulses of their own.  They rightfully challenge accepted practices and ideas in order to understand and participate in a more independent way.  The history of the Renaissance, Age of Exploration, and the Reformation meets their inner experience along with biographies of human beings who fought with the cultural life of their times in order to adhere to their own individual conscience rather than the laws of the State or the Church.

At a time when their center of gravity is experienced differently and a physical lethargy can be felt, the students are introduced to the new topic of mechanics. A physiological and developmental context is given for discussion of sexuality, substance abuse, and peer pressures by a study of nutrition and health, which includes an introduction to the digestive, circulatory, respiratory, and reproductive systems of the body.

  • Age of Exploration
  • The Renaissance
  • World Geography
  • Euclidian Geometry
  • Algebra/Area/Volume
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Chorus
  • Recorder playing
  • Ensemble Orchestra
  • Woodworking/Sewing
  • Speech and Drama
  • Spanish
  • PE
  • Team sports
  • Technology/Cyber Civics