Grade 4

Fourth graders become more self-confident as their perception of the world sharpens, but at the same time their experience of separation from their surroundings can be quite painful. The Norse stories with their slap-stick humor and their deep and subtle themes give the children the strength to face these challenges. Stories with similar moods such as the Kalevala or the stories of native peoples may be used in addition to the Norse myths. The long awaited field trip to Fort Ross is the highlight of the fourth grade year. 

For the fourth grade child, the world, once exhibiting a magical wholeness, is breaking apart. This is the appropriate time for introducing fractions. In the zoology block, the children study the relationships that exist between the human and animal kingdoms.

  • Local History and Geography
  • Animal Studies
  • Norse Mythology
  • Grammar and Composition
  • Speech and Drama
  • Form Drawing
  • Fractions/Arithmetic
  • Singing
  • Recorder Playing
  • Stringed Instruments/Ensemble Orchestra
  • Cross-stitch
  • Games/PE